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Water Park - Wet'n'Wild


O ingresso para o parque aquático Wet'n Wild somente está disponível wet nas seguintes opções:

At Orlando’s most exciting waterpark Wet ‘n Wild, you’ll find more themed rides, more multi-person rides and more pure thrills than any other water park around.

  • The Black Hole - The Next Generation A Wet ‘n Wild classic just got better, as your twoperson hydra capsule blasts off into a mysterious void featuring pulsating light, dynamic effects and cosmic energy.
  • Brain Wash - Hypnotizing water thrills await as you and your friends encounter a splashing dose of group therapy on this unique water ride. Lose your grip on reality, but not your grip on the 2 or 4-person tube, as you climb the walls on the six-story extreme tube ride with a 53-foot vertical drop into the 65-foot domed funnel. It’s mind blowing!
  • Disco H2O - Prepare for a trip to the funky 1970’s. Board a four-passenger tube down an enclosed flume toward a watery disco nightclub - complete with lights, disco balls, and, of course, those groovy hits of the seventies.
  • Lazy River - Escape to Florida’s past on the Lazy River. Replicas of old Florida boat docks, rustic billboards and enchanting waterfalls give this long-time favorite a dramatic transformation.
  • The Blast - A raging ride down a ruptured pipeline that will soak you to the core!
  • Kid's Park - Kids love the elaborate Kids’ Park featuring a gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and splashes into the pool below.
  • The Storm - Reach maximum speed as you drop from an elevated chute into a giant open bowl where you spin in circles to a splash landing!
  • The Flyer - A four-passenger, in-line toboggan adventure ride through 450-feet of thrilling, banked curves!
  • Bomb Ray - Enter a bomb-like capsule and feel the floor drop from beneath you as you take a heartstopping plunge down a 76-foot high, nearly vertical slide.
  • Der Stuka - This six-story speed slide lets you “free fall” down a 250-foot slide, then glide to a stop along a 115-foot water runway.
  • Mach 5 - Choose from three different flumes totaling 1,700 feet that twist and turn over different thrill courses ending in an abrupt splash.
  • The Surge - Experience this exhilarating, multi-passenger tube ride down five stories through almost 600 feet of twisting, turning, banked curves!
  • Bubba Tub - A six-story, triple-dip slide with a tube big enough for the entire family!
  • Surf Lagoon - Four-foot high waves roll across this 17,000 square foot wave pool which features a waterfall that splashes off the back wall.
  • Bubble Up - A large, wet, inflated bubble made just for kids who climb, bounce and slide down into three feet of water.
  • Knee Ski - A cable-operated ski lets you kneeboard like a pro around a half-mile long lake. Open May through September, noon to dusk. Additional fee applies.
  • The Wild One - Two people are simultaneously towed around our lake on big, bouncy tubes for one “wild” ride. Open May through September, noon to dusk. Additional fee applies.
  • Wakeboard - One of the fastest growing water sports is now at Wet ‘n Wild! Beginners to experts can show off their techniques on the WakeZone cableway. Open May through September, noon to dusk.


FAQ - Water Parks

  • Can I bring food and drink for the Water Parks?
  • There are picnic areas located in all the water parks and thermal containers can be used. However, glass containers and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

  • The water is heated in the Disney Water Parks?
  • The water in all of our water parks have controlled temperature throughout the year, so it's tropically toasty, even on cold days!

  • There are snorkel available at some of the Water Parks?
  • At Typhoon Lagoon you can snorkel in Shark Reef, a coral reef filled with live sharks!

  • Are there life jackets at the Water Parks?
  • Yes, all the water parks have life jackets at no additional charge, but visitors must leave a deposit.

  • What is the best time of day to visit the Water Parks?
  • It's always a good idea to arrive early at the Water Parks, especially if you want to grab a sunbed! A good time is to arrive well before noon!

  • Can I surf the wave pool in Typhoon Lagoon?
  • Yes, at an additional cost. Typhoon Lagoon offers surfing lessons every Wednesday morning before the park opens.


FAQ - Tickets

  • I bought my tickets, how do I pay and withdraw? Tickets are delivered in Brazil?
  • We do not give in Brazil for security reasons. You may pay at the time of withdrawal of tickets in our office or pre-pay by sending data from the credit card or buying through the site.

  • How the Disney ticket works?
  • The Magic Your Way Base Tickets give you access to Basics parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kigdom, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios) and 1 (one) park per day. If you want to also visit the Disney water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach), it is necessary to enter the option with Water Park Fun And More. If you want to switch parks the same day, you must purchase the option Hopper.

  • Over 65 years pay?
  • Yes, only children under 3 years old. From 3 to 9 years pay child fare. 10 years on, pay the adult fare.

  • After payment I will receive a receipt / proof?
  • Yes In 48 hours after payment of the bill, the accounting industry will send a receipt tomust be submitted to our office to withdraw the tickets .

  • What are the current prices of tickets?
  • Request aprice list

  • Shopping Cart

  • For whom the tickets paid by credit card will be delivered?
  • Tickets paid for by credit card will only be delivered to the cardholder's own credit.

    If you do not have a credit card in your name will make the purchase of tickets through a boleto bancário.



  • How does the system of payment by bank transfer works?
    • The payment of the ticket expiry date is the day on which it was issued and an additional business day. You can open the link in the e-mail to check if the services are in accordance with the contractor without issuing the ticket. If the ticket is issued and not paid on the day or the next day's issue, it will lose its validity and the whole process must be redone.
    • The price of the ticket is issued for the tourist dollar.
    • We do not send tickets to Brazil. All tickets must be picked up at our offices in Orlando.
    • 72 hours after payment of the docket, the accounting industry will be sending a receipt to be presented at our offices for the withdrawal of tickets.
    • The confirmation of your payment is automatically sent to Orlando Tickets Online.
    • The pay slip serves as proof of payment. To receive the receipt of tickets, please contact:


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